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Making rental income simple

The Benefits of being a DASH client:

1. 20+ years of Toronto real estate market experience

2. Maximizing rent – DASH’s properties are leased at higher rents than the average rent for same property.

3. Tenants retention  – DASH’s tenants stay for longer lease terms , this means less wear and tear to the property, less vacancy, less

leasing fees, higher profitability.

4. Know the rules – from time to time the Residential Tenancy Act, City rules and the Condominium Act changes and impacts

Landlord.  Our team will make sure you are not disadvantaged and save you the time to stay on top of the legislation.

5. Dedicated Portfolio Manager – enjoy a single contact person for all your needs.

Unlike traditional rental managers we see ourselves as your wealth real estate advisors and therefore our team is educated on

market trends, market pricing and statists to provide you with a broader, readily available and more meaningful service.

6. Better pricing

Many of our suppliers and contractors are offering our clients discounts when we buy or use their services.

A True One stop shop

Our clients know they can count on us while saving time and money as we assist them with leasing, repairs & maintenance, buy & sale, legal work, insurance, finance and tax filing.


Professional, Prompt & Courteous Service

Balancing the needs of the collective owners is essential. DASH is a well-equipped organization that can deal with your unique investment needs. We provide our clients with a one stop, full service shopping service for all their real estate service requirements including Buy, Sell, Lease and “Complete Management Service”, personal assistance, a professional atmosphere, and a superior total property management solution. We are committed to provide each of our clients and their tenants with professional, prompt, and courteous service. Each of our Property Managers treats all clients and tenants with respect and dignity. Using a  condominium rental management service is a solution to save you time dealing with tenancy, avoid costly maintenance and administrative matters. Moreover, property owners are looking for worry free  passive rental income. Once the property owner starts being involved with the day to day operating of the property it is NO longer PASSIVE INCOME.

Our services are tailored for property owners to carry on with their life, not worry about late night calls or repairs requests and not give away their evening and weekends to deal with tenancy issues.

In addition DASH’s property management services allowing property owners to strategically acquire more properties and enhance their rental income.

If you plan on travelling out of town for at least 12 months, or if you decided to keep a property for your kids for when they grow up they could move in and as many of our clients you simply don’t have the time to deal with tenants, maintenance, building management, accounting and rent collection then , contact us and learn how we can assist you generate rental income worry free and effortless.

Property Management at a glance

DASH will directly monitor the monthly rent payment by the tenant. We will accommodate payment of operating expenses. The balance of the monthly rent will be wired to the owner Canadian bank account. Monthly summary will be available online to owners with a detailed breakdown.

Tenant’s maintenance requests can be submitted 365 days, 24 hours, 7 days online. Our dedicated team will look after any maintenance request.

Our staff liaison between on site building management, tenants and contractors and you.

Move in & out inspections including key exchange and tenant welcome package, ensuring tenant have their renters insurance and utilities set up prior to the start of the lease.

Access to competitive rates and property services from contractor and cleaners to legal assistance.

Knowledge of the Landlord Tenancy Act to avoid costly mistakes

Freedom of records keeping and save your travel time.

Did you know that Renters prefer to lease from Professional Landlord i.e. Professionally managed properties? Why? Tenants want prompt service and landlord that is aware of the Renter’s rights. Take the emotions out of your business decisions, let the pros handle it.

Buy & Sell & Lease with Toronto’s Top Licensed Realtors

In the last 2 decades DASH staff helped hundreds of real estate investors to successfully buy, sell and lease their properties for the right price, at the right place while providing our clients professional guidance, up to date market data and tools to make the easy and right decision. DASH helped many condominium and home owners to realize whether their property is performing well financially and what can be done to increase its profitability. Prior to investing in new property we will be able to outline your cash flow projection, financing options, estimate your closing costs, estimate your price, rental amount and tax implications (HST, Capital Gains and Withholding tax) whether you are a Canadian or overseas investor. Buying real estate in Toronto is fairly straightforward, but turning your investment to a profitable one is quite complex. With close to 2 decade of market experience, proven track record,  and up to date knowledge meeting our team could be your best real estate investment decision.

Contact us today for free value estimate, experienced realtors can make a big difference on your Buy/Sell.

Non-Resident Tax Services from Leasing to Sell

According to the Canadian Revenue Agency (“CRA”), nonresidents of Canada must remit 25% of any rent received as withholding tax by the 15th day of the month following the month during which the rental payment was paid or credited. It is important to know that non-residence tax status is not determined based on citizenship rather on various criteria as outlined in the questionnaire by CRA (look under Useful Forms). For example, Canadian citizens that traveled abroad for work, live or study purposes can be deeded as non-resident for tax purposes. We would be able to assist you in determining your taxation status.

In order to improve our clients’ cash flow we can file form NR6 for our nonresident clients to minimize their withholding taxes. NR6 allows us to withhold 25% of the net estimate income for the nonresident. However, by filing the NR6 form DASH must file the tax return for the client for the same calendar year (January to December).

By April 30th of the following calendar year our office will file nonresident tax returns in order to find whether the client needs to pay tax or should receive a tax refund.

Non residents owner will need to remember than upon the sale of their property there would be 25% of the sold price. The Seller will have to make sure he has filed for clearance certificate to avoid penalties and to be able and meet large portion of the profits soon. Our accounting team will assist you with filing for the clearance certificate and can check if you are entitled for further tax credit for your paid capital gains.

When we say turnkey solution we mean it!

Professional Leasing Services by Licensed Realtors

DASH has a track record of thousands of leases to date throughout Toronto which allows us to be on top of the rental market statistics and trends. We excel in properly pricing your property and market it. Normally the standard lease we sign for our clients is for a minimum of 12 months term. If you are utilizing DASH to rent out your unit, we will complete the rental process from start to finish, listing and showing your property, venting the process of applicants with reviewing credit and references checks, verifying employment, landlord reference and other sources of information, collecting deposits, preparing the unit for occupancy and coordinating move in with tenants.

Repairs and Maintenance

Rest assured, we will use professional trades to carry out any repairs. We will try to troubleshoot the matter prior to placing the call as we strive to keep owners operating costs as low as possible. Our representative will be on site to either supervise the work or to confirm it was carried out properly.

DASH is not affiliated with any contractor and we do not get paid by any trade for any work performed for our clients.

Assisting with Financing

Proper financing can make the difference between good and bad investment. We offer hands on experience, knowledge and lenders contacts when it comes to residential financing and our on boarding team will be happy to assist clients with obtaining the proper financing, as for most owners this is crucial for their investment.

Landlord Property Insurance

Did you know that the Condo Corporations insurance does not cover you for everything? Thinking that Tenant insurance is all you need?

Reality is the each Landlord needs his/her own property insurance to make sure they are properly covered and insured.

Landlord insurance is there to cover you for general liability, damage caused by your suites to common areas and other properties, damage to your own property and additional coverage.

We are able to offer you with some of the most competitive and comprehensive landlord property insurance coverage in the market.

Pre-Delivery Inspections (PDI)

Prior to occupancy of a newly built condominium in Ontario, Tarion, the Ontario New Home Warranty Program, requires home owners to inspect the Condominium unit for deficiencies and to ensure construction was completed as per your agreement of purchase and sale. DASH can complete all the necessary inspections and forms in your absence. Our attention to details and experience in the process, can make it a smooth transition.

GST/HST Rebate New Residential Rebate

You could be entitled to a HST Rebate of up to $24,000 if you use your property for rental purposes.

Many Condo owners are unaware they qualify for the rebate even if the unit is not their primary residence.  The Rebate is available If you purchase a newly developed condominium property from a builder and you paid the HST on the purchase of a newly constructed or substantially renovated residential complex or an interest in the complex. The next requirement is that you lease the complex or units in the complex to another person for residential use by an individual. The rebate is not for the full HST paid but only for a portion of the HST paid.

The rebate must be filed within two years after the end of the month in which tax first becomes payable on your purchase.

DASH has assisted owners in recovering Millions in dollars to date. Let us help you get back your money!

Capital Gain Return

Property owners have to file Capital Gains return to report the sale of property regardless if the sale resulted in gain or loss. The return should be filed following the end of the calendar year and allows Seller to account for the selling costs.

When a nonresident sells the property his solicitor is required to withhold 25% of the selling price. The solicitor should file the request for “clearance certificate” to Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) which might take few months to receive. Once the “clearance certificate” is accepted the solicitor releases the withholding funds less 25% of the gross profit.

For example:

Mrs. Y purchased property in 2005 for $45,000.00 and had closing costs of $5,000.00.

Mrs. Y sold her property in 2011 for $100,000.00 and had additional selling expenses of $10,000.00

Upon sale $25,000.00 are held by the seller’s solicitor ($100,000 X 25%)
Upon receipt of the “clearance certificate” the following is calculated:
Amount to be paid to CRA by the solicitor ($100,000.00-$50,000.00) X 25% = $12,500.00
Solicitor to Credit Seller = $25,000.00-$12,500.00= $12,500.00
Capital Gain return is filed to account for the selling expenses and possibly receive additional refund from CRA.

Ask us how we can help you with the Capital Gains return filing.