Buy, Sell, Lease


Over the last two decades, DASH has helped hundreds of real estate investors successfully buy, sell and lease their properties for the right value and location while providing our clients with professional guidance, up-to-date market data, and essential tools to make the best decisions. 

Whether you’re a Canadian or overseas investor, DASH will be able to outline your cash flow projection, financing options, estimate closing costs and price, potential rental income, and tax implications (HST, Capital Gains and Withholding tax). Purchasing Toronto real estate may be straightforward, but turning your investment to a profitable one is quite complex. 

Since 2002, DASH has helped many condominium and freehold home owners assess their financial profitability in their real estate investments. Although located in the Downtown Core, DASH has served real estate investors across Ontario with optimal care and an abundant awareness of real estate market trends. DASH’s extensive care, experience and thorough knowledge will allow you to make smarter decisions from buying to selling real estate, to managing your investment portfolio. Regardless if you are a first-time buyer or a seasoned real estate investor, trust DASH to elevate your real estate goals and improve your investing expertise.