Making Condo Investment Easy


DASH Rental Property Management makes owning and renting a rental property easy! DASH offers hands-free and stress-free professional rental management in Toronto.

We Make Owning A Rental Property Easy

Since 2002 DASH helps landlords from dozens of countries finding the right investment property, place qualified tenants, secure property insurance, professionally maintain your asset and make sure you are compliant with CRA should you are a Canadian who lives out side of Canada or a foreign landlord. Our highly qualified team or CPAs, and licensed Realtors will be there to assist you with realizing your property appreciation and sell when need to.

Property owners have been entrusting us to look after their assets but not less important mandated us to make sure their Tenants are well serviced.

Our experience, knowledge and wide network together with the most comprehensive rentals management services package in Toronto allows property owners the piece of mind.

With thousands of completed transactions of buy, sell, lease and properties under management we believe that there strength in our numbers. 

Contact us today and find out how to make owning rental property easy