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Message from the founder

Dear clients,

For those of you whom I‘ve yet to have the pleasure of meeting in person, I wanted to share my story.

I moved to Canada in 2001 in order to complete my studies and become a chartered accountant. To support myself, I worked night shifts and studied during the day. This was my daily routine, and life was great!

In early 2002, I was approached by various acquaintances requesting my assistance with finding real estate investments in Toronto. I politely cautioned them that my real estate knowledge was equivalent to the warmth of a Canadian winter.

Yet something compelled my acquaintances to put their trust in me. So off I went filling up my free weekend time collecting information on various condominium projects throughout the city. In a period of less than two years, I engaged in purchasing hundreds of condo suites. After all the purchases were complete, I naively assumed that my role with these investors was over and I’d therefore be able to continue down my path towards becoming an accountant. 

However, as the condo project units progressed, the investors repeatedly contacted me for further assistance with pre-delivery inspections, closings, leasing, insurance, GST/HST rebates, repairs and maintenance responsibilities. This was in addition to making sure their tax compliance was current. The lack of an efficient and trustworthy solution for these investors in the Toronto market compelled me to create DASH Property Management as a landlord’s one-stop solution.

As Toronto grew and became more of a major real estate investment hub, a few of our clients requested that I start looking into purchasing apartment buildings to invest in. So, for the second time, I found myself treading in unfamiliar territory. However, this time, I was confidently armed with a staple of wonderful clients and investors who gave me their full trust and support. 

My first foray into apartment acquisition yielded two adjacent, mid-sized apartment buildings in desperate need of TLC and professional management. I embraced the challenge. In a short period of time, I managed to fully lease both buildings and gradually increase the rents. Shortly after the buildings were stabilized, the same clients and investors asked me to look into the potential to redevelop the apartment lands into a consolidated, higher-density building. Sound familiar? 

And so, for the third time, I undertook a craft that smarter, larger and far more experienced real estate players had been doing for generations. In approximately three years and with a team of dedicated employees and consultants, I successfully added significant value to these buildings by rezoning them for an additional 140 units.

In 2012, I went beyond growing DASH Property Management to over $200 million in assets under management, transacting over 500 times on behalf of buyers and sellers and completing the rezoning of the two apartment buildings. Another opportunity arose to acquire a gas station is Toronto’s premiere Yorkville neighbourhood for a full condo development project. Banking on our decade of experience working deep in the trenches of Toronto’s condo market, we successfully entitled, designed, sold and built Avenue 151, an award-winning and mid-rise condo project.

Over the years, DASH Property Management has evolved into a group of companies. Our property management, development and realty services continue to cover our clients’ business needs in as fully-integrated a manner as possible.

This year, we are celebrating our 20th anniversary, helping individuals from over 40 countries globally manage and accumulate wealth through real estate. This is being done remotely and confidently. All of DASH Property Management’s past projects, milestones and initiatives act as a thread connecting us with thousands of individuals worldwide who have become a part of our organizational DNA and have helped us grow to become who we are today.

Our client stories range from some of Toronto’s most iconic developers who asked us to “condo-sit” their personal suites all the way to university students who reached out asking us to help them invest in order to allow them to grow their wealth. No matter what your story is, our team will always be there for you. We enjoy a wide network of successful realtors who acknowledge that being a busy realtor does not allow them to manage their clients’ property and therefore they put their trust in DASH Property Management through referrals. 

It is foundational to our formula that we offer a partnership to our clients. We know that partnerships with people who firmly believe in the highest level of professionalism and respect will always pave the path towards repeated success.

We can’t put into words how honoured we are to have your unwavering support to date, and we can’t wait to see what the next 20 years will look like. 

We expect to complete the construction of our new office for the DASH Group of Companies very soon and, once complete, we’d love for you to come by and say hello.

Until we meet again,
Sharon Golberg, President
DASH Property Management

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